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5 Tips for Every Orange County Bride

Southern California weather is what makes wedding season stunning all year-round. But that same great weather can create some unforeseen challenges. Here are 5 helpful tips to make sure you are prepared for every weather situation.

1. Beach Wedding? Remember the wind! That great coastal breeze that makes beach weddings so comfortable in every season can also put a damper on your table setting dreams. So don’t’ fight the wind. Embrace it!

Tip: Make your center pieces short and stalky, or consider one of my favorites— terrariums! The solid glass will keep your flowers fresh and won’t blow over in the wind. Kuddos to these stunners from Hannah at Modern Bouquet at our recent Levyland Estate Wedding. (Note: Turn your Champagne and wine glasses upside down if there's just too much wind).

Peonies and Juliet Roses in a Rustic Wood Centerpiece

2. Wind Part two! Yup, it wreaks that much havoc that it gets two parts! Tip #2: Use your silverware as a weight for your napkin folds. By using the silverware as a weight, you can still place thank you cards, flowers, or twine (or all three!) on each place setting without them blowing away. Make the silverware as part of your statement instead of something you want to hide. Don’t like the silverware look? Create a cute roll-up with twine and a sweet thank you note instead! (Note: these bottles would totally blow over in the slightest breeze!) Thanks to Koman Photography for the gorgeous pic!

3. Beat the Heat. As the sunshine state, we are blessed with year-round sunshine and beautiful weather. But this also brings us unexpected heat. Remember that any month can have a crazy heat wave (I feel like I'm sunbathing at Huntington Beach every February), and it’s usually pretty hot until the week before Halloween. So if you are planning a beautiful outdoor wedding, remember umbrellas, lots of cool beverages for your guests, and maybe even bug spray.

Tip: Feeling crafty? Instead of having programs your guests will most likely soon toss, have them dual-functioning as programs and fans!

4. Dirt, sand, rocks, grass. So many of our beautiful Orange County venues are desirable because of their natural qualities. Keep this in mind when you consider your guests (can they walk in this elements and enjoy themselves) and when you consider your own shoes. Yes, those Swavarski crystal stilettos are stunning in champagne, but are you going to sink with every step? Tip: Place stepping stones or wood heart cut-outs where your bridal party will stand during the ceremony so they don’t sink! Love this Pinterest find!

Bridal Party Stepping Stones

5. A sun-set ceremony. Many brides picture their ceremony back-dropped by the setting sun. Keep this in mind when you choose your month and venue. The sun doesn’t set in the summer until almost 8pm. If you have a venue with a 10pm noise curfew, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for you to enjoy your guests. Tip: Try October. It is still warm enough for an outdoor wedding, but the sun is setting much earlier, allowing you to have plenty of time to enjoy your day. (Make sure the sun won’t be in your guests’ faces either.)

There is nothing like a So Cal Wedding. And whatever the weather brings, at the end of the day, it will just be a great story to tell.

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