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And thank you so much for visiting our site! We know there are a lot of wedding planners and coordinators out there, and we're so grateful to be considered!


As a mother-daughter run company, we pride ourselves on bringing a personal touch. Your wedding day is the most personal day of your relationship. And although we realize we are running a business, your wedding shouldn't be treated as such. It's all about your love story! Maybe that's why we love what we do so much! Because we get to help couples have their happily ever after-- how can you not love working around love every day!

Jessica, daughter, became a wedding planner and coordinator very organically. A friend asked Jessica if she could help with her wedding. She had never done it before but dove right into the deep end and never got out! She started off small-- word of mouth, Facebook, friends, and friends-of-friends-- and has now grown Jessica Lynn Weddings into a thriving business.

So for the Facebook-esk, give you 10 phrases about Jessica, here you go:

1. Honest to a fault

2. Funny (my husband says this is questionable, haha!)

3. Hopeless Romantic

4. So Cal beach bum

5. Wife (needs no adjectives)

6. Dog & Now Human Mom to Scarlett & Cole!

7. Emotionally invested in all that I do

8. Loyal as a Labrador

9. World Traveller (at least I try to be)

10. Wannabe Florist/Gardner/Farmer

Cheryl, mom, started as Jessica's assistant from the beginning. With a 35 year history in the interior design world, she has a natural knack for the visual elements of a wedding. And, since she has run her own successful business for those 35 years, organization comes without saying. As Jessica Lynn Weddings grew, Cheryl took on a larger role,  with Jessica and Cheryl now working as a team!

10 phrases about Cheryl (you'll see some mother daughter similarities):

1.  Creative

2.  Animal lover (but dogs are my first pet choice)

3.  Funny (my family questions this all the time....hmm, sound familiar, haha!)

4.  Happiest on the beach

5.  Wife, Mother, & a New Grandma (my favorite title)

6.  "The devil is in the details"

7.  Camper & Traveller

8.  Adventurer (my daughter forces adventurous foods on me)

9.  Gardner

10. Words with Friends addict








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