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Bouts aren't always made for walking...

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As a wedding planner, I, of course, love everything about weddings, but I have to admit I have a particular affinity for flowers! Hang ‘em from trees, fill the inside of birdcages with blossoms, make a wall of flowers- I love it all! So, expect to see multiple posts on flowers! To start, let’s give some credit to the unsung hero- Boutonnières.

Boutonnières are often overlooked and underappreciated and the first to go in a budget crunch. But I think they can change the entire look, adding color and character! And just to prove my point, I’ve gathered some amazing bouts from real and recent weddings and compiled some helpful tips too!

I love mixing and matching!

Here you have coordinating colors with a loose and organic style, just as flowers are meant to be! Tie the stems in a loose bind with twine and these are the perfect DIY bride boutonnières!

DIY Tip: Need to cut back on your budget but don't want to cut out the flowers? Try Trader Joe's or Costco or your local flower mart. There are tons of great online flower stores too that will ship more exotic blooms straight to your door!

Tip: These organic styles of boutonnière can be difficult to pin, heck any bout can be! So try magents instead! They are worth every penny! I personally love BoutStix. They are really strong and will hold tight for even the wildest of dance parties! And this means no more stabbing yourself with a pin either!

Free and whimsical, this Kelly Lenard design has me swooning! Soft and romantic, these delicate petals are perfect for any lapel! Tip: This style would be great for a casual suit or to dress down more formal attire.

What a tighter look? Tea roses, tiny succulents, a few eucalytus springs for texture and depth- nd you have the sweetest little boutonnières.

Tip: Having multiple textures are two key elements to any great floral accent!

But who says a boutonniere has to be flowers!? I’m all about breaking and bending the rules to fit a couple’s style. Feathers, cotton, action figures, there are no limits! Here is a great collection of alternative boutonnières.

Pinecones! Have a winter or mountain wedding? Add some baby pinecones and the soft leaves of Dusty Miller like this crisp winter style by The Posh Posey. Tip: Keep a unique design clean with a tight ribbon.

Tip: Try old book pages turned into paper flowers or even a superhero action figure. Think of what is special to you as a couple and let that speak through all the apsects of your wedding!

Feathers are one of the latest comeback trends, and with these next designs, I can see why they are so popular! This first one is a great Etsy find by Pomp and Plumage.

Tip: This would be great for a woodsy or vintage wedding! Want to keep the boutonniere forever? This is a great way to go!

I love this totally unique, fabulous steampunk inspired bout from Southern Girl Weddings: gears, feathers, and gold filigree leaves!

Tip: Not sure what your style is, ask your planner, coordinator, or florsit to help you design the concept.

Dried Flowers are also trending. Here are two very differnt ways to incorporate more than just flowers into the bouts.

Faye Marie has some super fun designs in her Etsy store like these dried Billy Balls and gorgeous leaves! I love how you can see all the veins in the leaves!

Tip: Sometimes dried flowers will have the more subdued colors of a wedding pallet, and they are a great keepsake!

And lastly, I found a sweet, and truly precious pair of boutonnières from across the pond on Love My Dress.

This bride collected flowers from various friends' weddings throughout the year and made these dried-flower bouts! Such a lovely testament to the love stories in her life!!!

As you can see, boutonnières are not just an add-on or after thought; they can have style and stories all their own! So if the budget is stretched, think twice before you cut these little guys!



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